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35. Timothy Taylor's Landlord

I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that Landlord is one of the best examples of a classic pale ale around. It perfectly balances some real frothy fizz, hoppy bitterness and malt richness. There’s also a slightly sweet citrus after taste on the tip of your tongue that’s hugely refreshing.

This isn’t my absolute favourite beer – simply because I prefer dark ales to pales, but this really has to be pretty close to best in class. If you’re into your lagers rather than your ales, I’d implore you to give this a go. It’ll convince you that it’s possible to have the drink-ability and refreshing qualities of a continental frothy-top with the taste and depth of flavour you only get from ale.

There’s a reason that this has been CAMRA’s supreme champion on four separate occasions. Top stuff.

five star